"They call me turtle, a slow animal perhaps but, i will make sure i see the finish line at the end"

John Tasci - VR SPecialist
Accomplisher of the Month

What's an Interesting Fact About You?

I have an eager to meet with people I don't know and make a difference on their daily life by making them smile while introducing our brand to create a win-win situation.

Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

I came to the United States about two and a half years ago. I lived in San Diego, CA and finished a Business Fundamentals Program. After that, our ways crossed with once an Aysu LLC. legend "Erhan" (smiles) and started working with the company.

Do You Have a Nickname In The Company?

Yes! Actually Mr. Aysu was the first one to call me which now became my nickname: THE TURTLE. My Colleagues think, I take a little slower when performing tasks but I tell them, I rather finish the race slowly but surely in order to get the job done.

If Hollywood Made a Movie About Your Life, Which actor you would pick to play your role?

Leonardo Di Caprio. I just loved his performance bringing Jon Belfort's life in front of people with such talent in the movie Wolf Of Wall Street.

What Advice Do You Have For Prospect VR Specialists?

Definitely to stay focused at all times and be persuasive. Especially for InfiniteVR, the technology is still very new to consumer's and it needs to be explained well.

What Are Your Thoughts On Virtual Reality?

There is so much to say about it but to summarize it in short, I'd say it is almost everything you wish for in another universe.